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Israel based summer immersive experiences for teens

Below are four newly launched programs in the summer of 2017 as part of the New York Teen Initiative. The New York Teen Initiative is jointly funded by UJA-Federation of New York and the Jim Joseph Foundation, and operated by the Jewish Education Project with the goal to increase the number of teens participating in unique, immersive, and inspiring Jewish summer experiences. Go to FindYourSummer.org today to explore a wide variety of 65+ Israel-based summer programs for teens.

ARTEL Teen Fellowship

ARTEL Teen Fellowship is an immersive summer experience for teens to develop their Jewish identity, explore their Russian-Jewish heritage, and build a connection to the State of Israel. Through the lenses of studio arts and hi-tech, teens will travel through Israel for more than two weeks exploring Israel's contributions to these fields. 

Program type: Internship / Fellowship Program

Roots Israel

Spend Three Weeks in Israel on a Service Learning Adventure!

Designed specifically for conscientious teens, this trip will take you on a hands-on  inspirational journey. Traveling through all parts of the country, you’ll explore issues of environmental consciousness along with the technology and resources at the forefront of agricultural advancements and social sustainability. Through the exploration of Jewish values in these tangible contexts, examining the issues driving global change, you’ll return home armed and ready to make improvements in your local community.

On Roots Israel you will have the opportunity to:

*      Plant a garden
*      Build a nature path for the disabled
*      Spend an afternoon sheep herding
*      Earn community service hours
*      Make new friends
*      Repair the world

All this while touring our ancestral homeland and digging deep into Israeli and Jewish history. Fill your soul with the spirit of tikkun olam, do good, learn some and have the best summer ever!

Be part of the first ever Roots Israel Summer tour.

To learn more or register, contact  info@ RootsIsrael.org

Program type: Israel Program

Next Step: Israel Internships

Next Step Israel Internships is a 5-week competitive internship, in Israel, for teens who want to experience working in a field of their choice. Teens will learn critical work skills through working in a field of their choice, spend time touring Israel, and personally connect to the land and our shared heritage through experiential learning. 

Our interns work four days a week in their chosen field and spend the evenings reunited as a group, exploring the culture of Israel and Judaism through outings, workshops, and group learning. Weekends are spent touring and include special trips with shabbat programming across Israel. Next Step offers two tracks, one for public school students and one for day school students. Each track offers a unique educational curriculum, and both offer an engaging and inclusive experience.

On Next Step Israel Internships, you’ll learn critical work skills today to help you prepare for tomorrow's work force! Join with like-minded teens for a work-tour experience of a lifetime!


Internships are available in:






Special Education

Program type: Internship / Fellowship Program

URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Israel

Explore Israel as a living laboratory where science and technology meet the Jewish past, present, and future. Teens will engage in an interactive learning environment that seamlessly incorporates Jewish values and history while exploring Israel’s role as a global innovator in science and technology. Participants will explore the history of how our people came to Israel as merchants, craftsmen, and traders, and became entrepreneurs, researchers, and inventors. Sci-Tech Israel offers the best of two worlds: visiting iconic sites like Masada, the Kotel, and Independence Hall while also meeting with global experts in fields such as renewable energy and computer tech. Teens will return understanding the deep connection that we have to our land and how one small country with limited resources turned science and technology into its biggest success story.

Program type: Israel Program

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