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Yiddish Farm Summer Program

On Yiddish Farm, you don’t just learn Yiddish, you live Yiddish. Life on the farm is like a 24/7 intensive education in language, culture, and community, though you might not think of it as an education while you’re there. That’s because the program cultivates true immersion. Like children beginning to speak for the first time, you absorb enormous amounts of information naturally, since you are submerged in a new world of words, stories, and ideas. And unlike traditional classroom environments that can only provide rough imitations of real-life situations, Yiddish Farm inspires you to practice speaking and writing with tangible challenges and rewards. From cooking meals together, to harvesting crops together, to building and maintaining the grounds together, even to gathering together on Shabbos and welcoming guests, the desire to communicate overcomes all the customary blocks a beginner must contend with. Furthermore, it’s one of those rare places that draws people from a broad spectrum of the Jewish community. It’s an incredible opportunity to appreciate the diversity of the Yiddish-speaking world, and become a part of the future of the language and its culture. Students leave the program able to communicate in Yiddish as well as read and understand Yiddish newspapers and literature.


NY-New York City / Westchester / Long Island
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Yiddish I (to July 17th) is $2,999 Includes room and board.
Scholarships Available
6 weeks
Academic, Environmentalism, History, Jewish Study, Outdoors
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Kosher food
Shabbat friendly