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Summertime LGBTQ and Ally Teen Shababton

Returning for its second year, join LGBTQ and ally Jewish teens from all over the United States and Canada for our Summertime Shabbaton! This peer-led weekend of learning, Jewish ritual, and community building are open to LGBTQ and ally Jewish teens grades 8-12. Stay tuned for our eight Shabbatonim coming up in 2019! Click here to learn more and register.


Registration costs $54; travel scholarship money is available for those who need it to help cover travel costs. Please email with any questions.


The LGBTQ and Ally Teen Shabbaton is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, asexual, queer, pansexual, questioning, and ally Jewish teens. Teens who have never celebrated shabbat or who celebrate shabbat every weekend. Teens who have been out or ally-identified for five years, five minutes, or who are curious to learn more; teens who go to synagogue once a day, once a year, or once in life; teens who sing, write poetry, organize in youth movements, play sports, garden, blog, knit, or anything else you do.

Additional Cost Information
Travel scholarship money is available.
Start and End Dates
08/24/2018 to 08/26/2018
1 week