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Explore ~ לך לך: B'nei Mitzvah Adventure Week

Explore ~ לך לך: B'nei Mitzvah Adventure Week following 7th & 8th Grade:

A summer experience like no other.

  1. Accessible: One-week, one-time, and pluralistic. 
  2. Local: Isabella Freedman Retreat Center in Falls Village Connecticut 
  3. Choose your own Adventure: Outdoors or Creation. 
  4. Bonding - Motivation - Action.
  5. Leadership: Encouraging creativity and repairing the worldExplore leaves campers confident in their ability to contribute to our community and the world.


Entering into high school, our youth seek significance and thirst for opportunities to contribute to our communities in substantial and meaningful ways.  Explore ~ לך לך's ASIT  program offers 8th graders a position on our staff.  Sitting in on meetings, helping to plan and facilitate programming, and one-on-one mentorship that will change their lives and inspire our youth to become leaders in their high schools and our communities at home.

Start and End Dates
07/23/2018 to 07/29/2018
07/30/2018 to 08/05/2018
1 week
Program Type
Counselor in Training Program