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Camp Magen

Camp Magen is an incredible Israel camp experience for high school boys and girls ages 14-18. Camp Magen focuses on the integration of the Mind, Body and Soul when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. Good health is not just about catering to our physical bodies, rather we must also exercise and properly nourish our minds and souls. Camp Magen accepts all Jewish campers. (Camp Magen is under Orthodox Supervision)

In partnership with Hadassah-Hebrew University Sports Medicine Center and activities at Wingate, Israel’s national center for physical education and olympic training, Camp Magen has created a program where every camper will learn how to be stronger, live healthier and lead happier lives while spending time with friends and learning about and experiencing the beauty of the land of Israel.

Our unique approach is in our long-term support and follow-up program. Camp Magen is not just the for the summer; we are here to support you both physically and spiritually, all year long.

Are you ready for a life-changing experience?

4 weeks