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Alper Summer Camp

HADRACHA "Leader In Training" - LIT | Entering 9th Grade

HADRACHA combines leadership training with a fun camp experience. LITs will work with campers and travel on field trips or participate in leadership and team building programs for 2 days. LITS will participate in mitzvah ("good deed") projects and trips. Additionally, one day will be spent at the JCC working on camp wide special events programming, and spending time with campers. 

An interview process and acceptance is required for admission into the LIT program. 25 Community Service hours will be awarded for each 4-week session. 

MADRICH "Counselor In Training"- CIT | Entering 10th Grade

Madrich CITs assist in camp groups and learn hands on skills as well as knowledge gained in leadership training sessions. A $100 stipend is given and 160 Community Service hours are awarded for each 4-week session. An interview is required for admission into the CIT program. Please contact Lene Saeger, x271, to schedule an interview. CIT staff requirement: 8 weeks preferred. Consideration will be given to 4-week applicants on an availability basis.

1 week
Program Type
Counselor in Training Program
Camp, Performing Arts, Sports, Visual Arts
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Special Needs - Inclusive