Think the summer programs look great but worried they’ll break the bank? 
Scholarships are available!

NOTICE the ✓

Throughout the site you’ll notice that a ✓ symbol appears on many program pages. This symbol indicates that scholarship funds are available for that particular summer program. Click through to that summer program’s site for more information.

If you live in New York, pay special attention:

Significant scholarship funding is available through the generosity of UJA-Federation of New York and the Jim Joseph Foundation.  If you are: a Jewish high school student (rising 9th grade through high school graduation), who can demonstrate need, and you are a permanent resident of one of New York City's five boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk or Westchester County, ask your summer program provider about scholarship funding.


What else do I need to know?

My program provider does not know anything about scholarship funding for New Yorkers, what can I do?

Tell the program you’re interested in to reach out to UJA-Federation of New York at to learn how to access scholarship funds for you and other New Yorkers attending their program.


What if I can’t afford the program even with my scholarship award?

Program providers may have additional scholarships available for New York teens, as well as for teens from outside of New York. Be in touch with program providers to learn about other scholarship opportunities.


What if I don’t live in the Metropolitan New York area?

Many programs have scholarship funds available, or know how to access funds, for teens from other communities.  Your best bet is to contact the program provider. Below you’ll find links to the community information we have at this time. If the information you’re seeking is not on this page, please check in with your program provider or contact your local Jewish Federation.


What if I’m not yet in high school?

We have a few suggestions: 

  • Contact the program provider to see if they have funds available for your age group.
  • Visit to see if your community participates in this program for first time campers. Please note that camp is the key word here. Many teen programs aren’t eligible for One Happy Camper grants. But many are, so it’s worth investigating.
  • If you live outside of Metropolitan New York, contact your local Federation.


Want to know more? Send us a direct message.